A new mobile application design for company that makes transactions easier

NALA team invited me to come and help them with solving a problem they had with onboarding in their current app. After analysing user feedback and feedback from tests it became more clear we needed to redesign the whole app.


Design System, Information Architecture, UI & UX Design, Design Sprint, User Testing


Android, Web




  • A large number of users were dropping off at onboarding, even before getting to the home screen,
  • App's experience needed a new and fresh experience that would be easier to use.


  • Increase the number of people that go through onboarding and become active users,
  • A more intuitive and easy to use design.

Onboarding pages Design Sprint

At the start we decided to do a two-week Design Sprint. We collected all problems, real and potential, goals, and also all of our ideas on how to improve. At the end result was a tangible prototype tested out with around 20 users.

Testing is one of the core elements of product development at NALA

Mobile application design

After our first Design Sprint we figured out it would be the best to continue with the redesign of the whole application. First I created a Design System that was updated throughout the project. After that with help of their team we defined Information Architecture and started designing the whole app. The project was devided in multiple phases where I would design a part, we would test it out with users and once it is ready we would hand it off to developers.

WebView Design

We also did a WebView design that ended up not being launched. I thought it would be nice to share it anyways.

Signing Up animation

Adding a transaction animation

Benjamin Fernandes, CEO at NALA (YC W19)

Momcilo spends hours researching and learning about patterns in UI/UX design which makes his initial work save you as a company a lot of time when user testing. Momcilo collects ideas well, comes back to us with great designs getting us excited about working with him and looking forward to to our next project.

Part of NALA's amazing team

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